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I design and create custom Swiss Army Knives for the collector or enthusiast who requires something that's different and not available as a factory model.

All custom SAKs are handmade by me in the EU with original parts or custom/3rd party parts when requested.

If you're interested in obtaining a knife for yourself please see the availability of options and features below and get in touch to spec your own custom SAK.

Available standard and custom features

Each Swiss Army Knife consists of layers of tools separated by liners and with scales on both sides of the knife.

Standard configurations for the layers include options originally available and directly compatible, i.e. tool combinations which exist on current production knives as complete layers (e.g. large blade, combo tool, backside awl as one layer)

Examples of selected layer tools

Custom options for layers can include configurations such as 93mm tools added to a 91mm model, tools from discontinued models combined with current models, or custom fabricating or modifying a non-standard tool to fit a layer.

Liners between layers can be standard aluminium alloy liners, custom G10 composite liners available in multiple colours, or custom thin titanium liners.

Scales available range from standard cellidor scales, standard cellidor plus scales, standard transparent scales, standard transparent plus scales, custom alox, titanium, G10, carbon fiber or brass scales.


Examples of selected scale options

Both 91mm and 93mm knives are available.


Knives can be assembled using brass pins or pivot barrels and screws where applicable.


Each knife is made to order after design elements and features are discussed and agreed with you. The fabrication time will depend on the need to source parts if not available in stock, sourcing donor knives, custom fabricating parts and the order backlog.


Orders can be shipped worldwide with consideration to delivery companies' policies.


To start specifying your custom Swiss Army Knife, use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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